A Platform with More Features

Over the past few years, I’ve gone through different bitcoin trading platforms. The first platform I used went out of business. They told all of their users about a week before they had to shut down, and everyone was scrambling to find a new platform to replace them. It was a shame that they had to shut down, because I liked their website. The next platform I didn’t like because it had less features than the previous one. Now I trade on Bitcoin Era, and it works well as a replacement, and even has some features that the other ones didn’t have.

I love being able to check out the bitcoin prices on the trading app on my phone. In the past, I would only be able to trade through my computer. Although I could navigate to the other trading platform websites on my phone’s Internet browser, it was always so slow to do anything, and sometimes I would miss out on trading with the prices I wanted because the website didn’t update fast enough on my phone. The app takes care of that problem, making everything smooth and simple. All I have to do is tap a few buttons and everything is set.

I do a lot of passive trading these days. The app can automate buying and selling based on the preferences that I give to it. If the price of bitcoin drops below a certain amount or raises above an amount, then the app will buy more bitcoin or sell respectively. This lets me trade in my sleep so that I don’t miss out on any important price changes. I can’t monitor the app all day long because I’m just a human who can’t stay awake indefinitely, but with automation, it’s like I’m still awake to make decisions about the market.