I Am Doing Pretty Well Right Now

Of course my friends say that I am a gigolo or a sponge, even things that are a lot less nice than that. I just smile since I know they are really jealous. I have been living rent free for about three months now and I have saved a ton of money because of it. I started to date Shelly in college and at the time I had no clue that she was rich. The first clue I got was when she was using a thing called a bitcoin evolution app, although she never explained to me that her father had given a really nice number of bitcoins. When I met him the first time I did not realize how wealthy he was. The man started out with a machine shop inherited from his parents and he seems to enjoy hanging out there. At the time he was wearing a work uniform with his name on the left breast and he was working a broom with great proficiency, it was not like you would picture a multimillionaire doing for leisure.

At any rate by then I had a job with an insurance company, but Shelly took me to see her father about a job at one of the companies he owns. I had no clue at the time, and it was a couple days later when I realized that I had a job running a new branch of the company. Since then it has become apparently that Shelly intends to hold onto me, something that did not always seem a certainty. I suppose that I grew on her over time. At any rate they gave me a company car and Shelly has her own house that sits on a huge piece of land. There are three horses, two ponies and a small herd of goats which come with the land.